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Comprehensive management of tourist apartments in Ibiza

Are you the owner of a property and have doubts about whether putting your apartment for vacation rental is profitable? Ibiza is one of the main tourist destinations in the world and has a wide range of tourist accommodation, from hotels and resorts to luxury apartments and villas. Renting tourist accommodation is a very popular option among visitors to the island, especially during the high summer season. Renting a tourist apartment for holidays in Ibiza can be an excellent option if you are looking for greater privacy and comfort, as well as a more authentic and local experience. That is why it is increasingly common to book tourist apartments instead of staying in hotels.

Regarding the question of whether it is possible to obtain a license to rent a holiday apartment in Ibiza, the answer is yes, it is possible to obtain a license to rent holiday apartments in Ibiza, as long as the requirements required by law are met and the necessary permits are obtained from the competent authorities.

Hiring a comprehensive management company for tourist apartments in Ibiza allows the homes under our responsibility to stand out from the competition. By delegating the work to professionals who know what they are doing at all times, you will not only gain peace of mind, but you will also save time and money. The management of tourist apartments is an important and complex task that requires efficient planning and organization. This process includes the administration of reservations, the cleaning and maintenance of the apartments, customer service and the promotion of the accommodations.

In addition, we are in charge of carrying out all the necessary administrative and legal procedures, such as compliance with regulations. All this allows the owner to enjoy his vacation property without worries and, at the same time, maximize his profitability.

Our services

in the management of tourist accommodations

  • Creation of the advertisement
  • Advertising in social networks
  • Reservation management
  • Guest selection
  • Communication with guests
  • Check-in / Check-Out
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Monthly reports
  • Flexible income: fixed or variable
  • Platform management
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Comprehensive management company for tourist accommodation in Ibiza

We are a comprehensive management company for tourist accommodation in Ibiza that offers management and maintenance services for tourist properties to our owners, with the aim of maximizing their profitability and minimizing their workload.

We take care of all the tasks necessary to rent a tourist property, from promotion and advertising, to receiving guests, cleaning, maintenance and repairs necessary during their stay. In addition, we take care of all the legal and administrative aspects necessary to comply with regulations and obtain the corresponding licenses and permits.

The relationship we have with our clients is always close and transparent, since our success depends largely on their satisfaction. Therefore, we maintain fluid and constant communication, both with the owners and with the guests, and we are available to solve any problem or answer any query.

Regarding the necessary renovations to the apartment, we offer maintenance and repair services to ensure that the property is in perfect condition to receive guests. In addition, we can advise owners on any necessary renovations or improvements to increase the attractiveness and profitability of the property, always respecting the owner’s legal and budgetary limitations.

Benefits of a tourist accommodation manager in Ibiza

A tourist accommodation manager in Ibiza can provide multiple benefits to vacation property owners such as:

  • Greater profitability: A manager can help maximize the profitability of the property through efficient and effective management.
  • Time savings: The manager takes care of all the tasks necessary to rent the property, allowing the owner to save time and effort.
  • Greater visibility: Good marketing and advertising management by the manager can increase the visibility and attractiveness of the tourist property.
  • Reservation and check-in/out management: The manager is responsible for managing reservations and checking in/out of guests, which reduces the owner’s stress and workload.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: A manager can take care of maintenance and cleaning tasks, ensuring that the property is in perfect condition to receive guests.
  • Compliance with regulations: The manager is responsible for complying with all regulations and legal requirements necessary for renting the property, which avoids possible sanctions.
  • Customer service: A good manager offers close and efficient customer service, which guarantees guest satisfaction and their possible repeat stays in future stays.

Rental management of tourist flats and apartments in Ibiza

The rental manager for tourist flats and apartments in Ibiza serves to free the owner from the workload involved in the management and administration of his property. In addition, it offers important advantages, such as saving time and effort, greater profitability of the property, customer service and optimization of the rental price, based on the evaluation of the competition’s prices.

Regarding the evaluation of the competition’s prices, a tourist flat and apartment rental manager in Ibiza carries out an analysis of the market and the competition, to establish an appropriate and competitive rental price. This helps the owner to obtain the greatest possible economic benefit, without giving up an attractive price for potential guests.

Advantages of having the best management for your tourist apartment

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Earn +60% more income than if you rented your apartment in a conventional way. We update daily all the rates to get the best performance.

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Our expert management will push your booking calendar to reach 100% occupancy. Your apartment always making a profit.

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