Complete management of tourist flats

A good management of tourist flats allows the properties under our responsibility to stand out from the competition. By delegating the work to professionals who know what they are doing at all times, you not only gain peace of mind but also save time and money.

Are you the owner of a property with a tourist license?

Comprehensive management and the highest economic return on the rental of your property with a tourist licence

We offer remote tourist accommodation management solutions, which means you can rely on us to keep your properties in perfect condition, no matter where you are.

We have highly trained accommodation managers who work hard to ensure that every property is looked after with the same level of care and attention to detail. Our professionals ensure that each property is perfectly prepared to welcome guests, and is kept clean and organised throughout their stay. We also check floor by floor to ensure that everything is in perfect condition and proceed to refurbish if necessary.

Check-in / Check-Out
We manage the check-in and check-out of the guests in each of the rooms and check that everything is in perfect condition.

Cleaning service
Our cleaning and laundry service leaves each apartment, apartment or property perfect once the stay is over.

Reservation and rate management
With our online booking platform we daily update all the rates to get the best performance of each property.

Total peace of mind for the owner
We select the best guests and we make sure that the properties are well maintained during each stay.

Our services

in the management of tourist accommodations

  • Creation of the advertisement
  • Advertising in social networks
  • Reservation management
  • Guest selection
  • Communication with guests
  • Check-in / Check-Out
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Monthly reports
  • Flexible income: fixed or variable
  • Platform management
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We take care of absolutely everything

The highest income without worrying about anything

As experts in the rental of tourist apartments, our mission is to increase rental profits and ensure that the client has one of the best stays they have ever experienced. By optimizing your owner profile and developing a pricing strategy that works, we make sure that guests get the most out of their reservation in addition to quality.

High profitability
Higher earnings than a regular monthly rental. We offer around +60% income if you rent your apartment on a long term basis.

Guest selection
We take care of the selection of families, couples and business people who book their stays. We avoid groups that may cause any behavioral problems.

Monthly reports
The owners know at all times who has been in their apartment, house or apartment and the economic disbursement they have made in each reservation and stay.

Flexibility in the way of income
We offer several options in the way of income: one of them, for example, is to agree a fixed monthly fee with the owner. In this case, our client receives the same amount of profit every month. Another option is to receive the earnings on a variable basis depending on the number of stays each month.

Control of the properties
We offer a constant control of the state of the properties as well as their cleaning and tuning after each stay.

Peace of mind for the owner
We take care of all the management, from beginning to end, so that the owner does not have to worry about anything, only to enjoy the benefits.

Advantages of having the best management for your tourist apartment

Multiply your benefits

Earn +60% more income than if you rented your apartment in a conventional way. We update daily all the rates to get the best performance.

Our management, your control

Control with your dashboard the benefits and the booking calendar. Know who has been in your home, their reservation and stay.

100% occupancy

Our expert management will push your booking calendar to reach 100% occupancy. Your apartment always making a profit.

Still not sure?

Contact us and we will answer your questions

We work with more than 30 international platforms

We manage all rates in real time according to market demand, obtaining the best profitability and maximum occupancy.

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